MLTC in May 2020

MLTC Complying with Government Guidance COVID-19 Update

MLTC is pleased to announce we have re-opened our tennis courts in accordance with LTA and the government's latest advice .

In summary,

Play is restricted to Singles when playing with members outside of your immediate household. Doubles can only be played among members of the same household.

Players must bring their own tennis balls.  Those balls should be marked to be identifiable.  Each player should only handle their own balls (i.e for their service game).  Any ball that is not your own should not be handled when returned to the owner.  Players should not change ends unless they have to, in which case please change on opposite sides 

You are advised to bring necessities like, water, towels, mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, balls, etc. to the court when you play.

Social distancing must be maintained at all times.  If you have to wait for a court, wait in the car park. Be alert to social distance as courts are vacated and taken by the next pair.

The club house remains closed and is not accessible until further notice. There is a standpipe with fresh water for emergency use.  Please be aware that toilets are not available.  

Renovations to the Pavilion and Club House continue through May and into June. 

Court Commitments

Look ahead.. Court commitments are highlighted on our Calendar 


Club Nights

Services are not available at this time.

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